Over the last 35 years this beautiful foothill property has been maintained with a view to the safety and comfort of dogs and horses as well as being structured for their safety and security during training.  All agree it has a distinctive, unique feel of tranquility and spaciousness.  The essence of this facility is reflected by the animals acquiring a peace upon their stay here.


For Your Dog

At Blue Willow Haven your dog will feel right at home.  We give lots of attention and praise together with high quality feed, regular exercise and thorough cleanliness.  In short, we make it our business to enjoy your dog and truly care for him as you would, in our secure, happy environment.

 If training is what you desire Yvonne’s positive, firm and loving hand is sure to bring out the best in your dog.  Her focus is to build on the qualities in your dog’s temperament while lessening the undesirable behavior characteristics.   Yvonne has acquired 35 years of successful experience, incorporating modern and traditional training techniques, guaranteeing you effective , professional training for your dog  based on her adept ability and insight  to  combine the various methods for a  taylor -made  program that will work best for you and your dog.  Her heart’s desire is that you would experience what she has known many times over these past years and that is the joy of owning a happy, obedient and well- adjusted family companion dog.  

For Your Horse Interests

 Blue Willow Haven is a convenient and easily accessible facility.  Yvonne has structured her stables, arenas, and pastures to accommodate the needs of the private, serious horse owner:  this is not a public facility, therefore it is quiet and intimate .  Yvonne is an effective trainer for the beginner or intermediate rider. Although her forte is with children, youth and adult riders are equally comfortable with her. She also has three horses and a pony of her own to pick from to help you get your feet wet if you are new to riding and wanting to test the waters. Her teaching style is deliberate, caring,  and  progressive with emphasis on  dressage  and the development of a balanced seat, to  empower the rider to develop  a more harmonious relationship with his or her  horse.


 Please go to testimonials to find some of the many pleased clients that have come through our training center. Our success stories will assure you that we are the right choice for you. Feel free to call if you have any questions, or to schedule a visit, or would like a list of references.  We welcome your visit and look forward to serving you in whatever way we can. Thank you for considering Blue Will Haven.